ASK Scandinavia proudly announces the appointment of Johan Roussetos as its new Chief Executive Officer. Bringing extensive expertise in consumer goods, global brand development, and navigating the intricate landscapes of both B2B and D2C ventures, Johan is set to lead ASK Scandinavia into a thrilling new era.

"Fuelled by a passion for sustainability and a firm commitment to driving positive change, I am eager to lead an incredible team toward new heights". With a background in dynamic industries, Johan has had the opportunity to contribute transformative products and innovative brand strategies. 

"Together, our aim is to reshape the fashion industry, crafting timeless and design-forward accessories using cutting-edge, planet-kind materials. Our mission revolves around providing better choices and cultivating a lifestyle that is considerate to the planet. Personally, I prioritize effective communication, building robust relationships, and fostering collaborative ideas. I strongly believe in instilling a sense of ownership, ensuring customer satisfaction, and growing collectively with our dynamic team," Johan emphasizes.


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