We had the pleasure to chat with Marjorie Soria, the founder of Bareaya. Bareaya is a brand of zero-waste products, whose mission is to make it easy for anyone to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. They started out creating the perfect safety razor, now you can find everything you need, and less!



What do you do at Bareaya, and what inspired you to start this business?

I’m the founder of Bareaya, a zero-waste brand born in 2018 and based in France. I wanted to set up a business that could make a difference and help people change for more sustainable lifestyles. I'm into zero waste and I wanted to promote minimalist and plastic-free living. At the time, safety razors were not super popular. All versions were vintage-looking and scary and marketed to people (mainly men) who love to shave the old-fashioned way. But for those who shave, men and women alike, safety razors are a great low-waste option too. I wanted to bring to the zero waste market a more modern, elegant and unisex shaver. Our rose gold safety razor was our very first product, and is still our best seller as of today, followed by the charcoal black razor.

What did you do before starting this journey? 

I was working in gastronomy, helping chefs sourcing their ingredients. However, that was mainly seafood, and being on a plant-based journey, it was not aligned with my values anymore. Moreover, I was employed, and having my own business became a priority for me, as I wanted some flexibility for my kids.



Do you have any advice for people looking to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle? 

Take it slow, one step at a time. When you start, it’s like lifting a veil on a whole new world. Suddenly, you see plastic and waste everywhere. It can be daunting. A very normal reaction is to get rid of everything and try to change everything in your home as fast as possible. You also start to question everything: where it’s made, how it’s made, what is it made of? It’s a lot of information. I always advise changing one thing at a time. Each time you reach out to your trash bin, note down the waste item and see if you can find a more sustainable or waste-free alternative. Slowly, you’ll manage to change a lot of habits. Try also to be gentle to yourself. Perfection doesn’t exist. Set your priorities, and what you and/or your family needs. For some, it’s plastic-free, for others, it’s organic or local. Sometimes, it can’t be both, and it’s ok.

How was running Bareaya during the pandemic?

Quite hectic, to say the least! It was a real challenge on the logistic side since all routes were disrupted. We were struggling with inventory and the supply chain. But we feel very grateful because Bareaya did ok. I guess a lot of people took advantage of their time ‘off’ to question their lifestyle, and to improve their home, health, and habits. They had more time to look for alternatives and we are happy if we could help them find what they needed!

You started with razors and now you have a whole range of products. What does the future hold for you?

Indeed, Bareaya is not a "razor only” boutique anymore. We became a lifestyle brand with a broader range of products. Many new products are still on their way! We keep growing our range to become a one-stop shop and make it easy for everyone to find the alternatives they are looking for. We still focus on plastic-free and vegan products and will always do so. Our priority now is to relocate our production a maximum to France, or Europe otherwise, so our products can travel as little as possible.

Words by Mara Bande