Summer turned into fall, and our team is back in business! Over the summer we were busy living the fabulous summer life in Helsinki, London, Dublin (and elsewhere), but have been up to something too. Our team has doubled up in size! We are beyond excited.

Meet Clarissa, an adventurer, fashion enthusiast, and animal lover. She's also our new Sales Coordinator at Helsinki. Follow her on Instagram at @clarissahedman  

Hi Clarissa! Can you tell our readers who you are?

I’m Clarissa, a fashion enthusiast from Torkkelinmäki, Kallio. I graduated last June as a Bachelor in Fashion and Clothing. I’m an animal lover and have a big dog called Rapu ☺  I also love to travel. Last year I made one of my dreams come true and took a trip around the world along with my boyfriend Eetu!

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Optimistic, social, and active.

You began to work for ASK recently. What made you want to work for the company?

I’ve always loved the minimalistic and elegant Scandinavian style and design. I’m also really interested in sustainability. These two are key elements in ASK designs.

Also, I have a history as an entrepreneur. I used to have a clothing store in the Helsinki Design district, called The Empire. Building my own company taught me a lot about the fashion industry, and I hope I can bring my knowledge to use while working with this young brand.

What are you looking forward to this fall?

New challenges and adventures. It's the first fall after years that I haven’t gone back to school after the summer vacations. It feels weird and really inspiring at the same time.

What do you like the most about working for ASK?

ASK is a really new brand, and I’m so excited to be part of it. I get to work with an awesome crew. We started growing the business and found new inspiring retailers and people to work with. New challenges every day!

What are you wearing this fall?

I'm definitely going to wear my silk shirts, especially my white ones, and oversized jackets. I’ve been using my faux leather pants a lot lately and they go with (almost) everything. I carry my everyday things in the classy Ella Weekender (I always tend to have my whole life with me wherever I go...) It works really nice on weekdays too!

What do you dream of right now?

Right now? Probably traveling. I do want to live here for now, but as I’ve been traveling my whole life, at the moment I’m trying to figure out what the next destination will be.

What is a brand or website that you appreciate?

This summer my favorite has been Ohoy Swim. I love their products and the ideology behind the brand. Sustainability is always a thing that I’m looking for in brands.

What do you wish people would do more?

Appreciate your own style and own it! You don’t have to please anyone so wear and do whatever you love.

Favorite city and why?

At the moment Melbourne, Australia. It’s similar to Helsinki, just bigger. It's a city with a lot of culture and colorful people, and it's by the sea. They also have it all there!

Always wanted to go! Do you have any tips?

You should chill by the beach at St. Kilda, go explore Fitzroy area and Brunswick Streets bars and cafes. If you happen to be there in January, go check out the Australian Open tennis tournament even if you don’t really watch tennis. It’s super cool the whole arena area and the atmosphere there!

So tell me, globetrotter. What destinations are still on your bucket list, and why?

Japan, most definitely. I can’t believe that I haven’t visited yet. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about Japan. But at least something to look forward to and maybe now talking about this I need to start planning a trip there. I’ve heard that it is a beautiful country with an amazing history and culture and friendly people. Maybe Tokyo Fashion Week would be something to see and experience.

The list is still long but another one I have to mention is Madagascar. One day I wanna go there and experience the island and its beautiful nature with all of its wildlife!!

What makes you smile?

Animals. I’m crazy about them and I go nuts every time I see a dog. My boyfriend or my closest friends don’t probably think that it’s cool but I can’t help myself.


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