We talked about career and motherhood with Helsinki based designer Laura Juslin.

Can you tell me about your experience as a mother? What are some of the joys and challenges you've encountered?

It is a privilege you can fully realize only until you are one. It is rewarding and fulfills your life in ways you couldn’t expect or imagine.

Kids bring multiple new angles to things and a whole new perspective to life. You learn to look at things through kids’ eyes again. Kids are the new cool and the future. It’s good to have a piece of that at home. You kind of hold on to youth.


What are the most important features or qualities you look for in a baby bag?

Keeps your both hands free! Long shoulder strap. Fits in a stroller’s under basket.


How do you typically use a baby bag daily? Can you give me some examples?

I haven’t really purchased any pregnancy and baby gear – I've got a stroller and a baby cot, sure, but my wardrobe and accessories haven't been updated to baby-related stuff. Their utility is so short-lived that it doesn't even seem environmentally friendly.

I've managed to squeeze a diaper, pacifier, and wipes into my own handbag, but when traveling I wish I'd invested in a proper baby bag. It'd make life a whole lot easier. I am delighted that brands like ASK Scandinavia offers maternity bags: Buying a product like yours is totally justified since it can serve other purposes later on as well.



What style or design elements do you prefer in a diaper bag? Do you lean towards a more classic, trendy, or functional style? 

I suppose as long as the bag would fit my needs for any other purpose as well, it's the one for me.


Do you appreciate a diaper bag must-have accessories or organizational features?

I definitely value organizational features, but I have a feeling I'd still prioritize aesthetics.


What are your thoughts on sustainability and eco-friendliness when it comes to motherhood products like bags?

Sustainability should be a driving force when choosing any product. I feel there is a need for genuinely sustainable, yet appealing, products.


Are there any specific messages or themes you hope to communicate or inspire in other mothers through your involvement in this campaign?

It is a bit of a cliché but it’s true: years are short, and kids are small for such a short time so make the most of every precious moment while they're still young. And when it comes to work, I've found it surprisingly manageable to strike a balance. And traveling with the kids, whether it's for business or pleasure, has been an absolute blast.

Laura Juslin Baby bag ASK Scandinavia

About your brand, Juslin Maunula, in what ways do you incorporate sustainable values?

There is a clear demand for new design methods and we felt the need to contribute by designing products from genuinely repurposed material that still appeal to the luxury consumer.

We work with surplus materials in creative ways, addressing the issue of textile waste by creating refined self-expression through fashion and homeware. The design process starts with once forgotten materials, pallets of arbitrary discarded textiles to which we breathe new life into. The design work gives genuine new purpose to the material.


Balancing a career as a fashion designer of Juslin Maunula with motherhood can be challenging. How do you manage to juggle both responsibilities effectively?

We have managed to simultaneously create a brand and grow our business while both founders have had children in turns since launching in 2016. We are passionate about our work and believe that the best work result comes with a good balance between work and leisure.


What strategies or routines have you found most helpful in maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

During my time studying fashion, the work ethic was pretty intense, to be honest. It was the norm to practically work around the clock, catching only a few hours of sleep each night, especially leading up to the shows. Even during my first pregnancy, I didn't feel much pressure to change those habits until the final weeks. People kept telling me to rest up before the baby arrived, warning that I wouldn't have the chance once the little one was here. But surprisingly, it was the opposite: when my baby was born, it was the first time I actually felt like I could relax. and spend my time eating, sleeping, and watching Netflix.

So nowadays, with my routines pretty much set by external factors, it's easier to maintain a healthier balance when it comes to work.



What advice would you give to other working mothers who are striving to balance their professional and personal lives?

Balance of work and family. In general, when you get to do little bit of everything in life, it makes you happier. You get the best of everything.


As a fashion designer, creativity and inspiration are key. How do you stay inspired while also considering environment-friendly fashion?

During previous years in all our projects the core has been to find new uses for excess materials and especially textile waste.

Actually it is very fruitful and motivating for us as designers that there is an urgent need to change the ways we have worked earlier. It keeps you inspired.

We aim to keep the feeling of youth and freshness and not let tradition restrict your work. We experiment freely with materials and let ourselves be inspired by what we see around us. We can look at colors and materials without preconceived notions of how they should be paired. We are often very absorbed in our thoughts and work.


Thank you Laura!


Words by Elena Mäkelä

Styling Sanna Silander

Photography by Karoliina Bärlund