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ASK Scandinavia is a Helsinki-based company that creates responsibly manufactured accessories with an aim to make everyday life a bit more organised, beautiful and meaningful.

Combining Scandinavian design with premium regenerated and up-cycled European materials, our products are designed to last, both in style and quality. All items are produced in a Portugal.

The name of the company is an abbreviation for the three original creative forces behind the brand. Today, we are a team of nine (based in Helsinki, Berlin and Los Angeles) with an ambition to create honest and sustainable products that span age, seasons and gender.

The idea of ASK was born when two of us became mothers and could not find a sophisticated changing bag on the market, so we made our own. Supporting a sustainable approach to design, and life, we sourced our signature material, stitched Italian re-nylon, that is not only stylish but also easy to care and very forgiving.

Our bags are lightweight and spacious and they mix well with any wardrobe. Our collection is based on the idea that every new product goes well with our previous ones.

We launched a a new collection in June 2019 with ECONYL® fibre which is 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from fishnets collected from the sea and other nylon waste. Right now, we are very excited, as we are working on something new!

As we have learned on our way, a great bag is one way to keep your world in order! With your chosen ASK item, we hope you will discover a sense of structure combined with ease and comfort.   

Operations and Sales Team

SARIANNA is the COO of ASK and makes sure everything is run smoothly and and that we follow our company goals and ethos ********************************************* CLARISSA has always loved the minimalistic and elegant Scandinavian style and design. She is also really interested in sustainability. These two are key elements in ASK designs and it's something that drives her to push ASK further in sales worldwide! ***************************************** PETRA is a part of our ASK sales team. She has studied fashion business and the sustainable future of fashion, which supports our journey towards responsibility. Petra loves the combination of Scandinavian minimalism and innovation, together with timeless design.

Marketing Team

KAROLIINA is the Creative Director of ASK. As a photographer with a keen eye for beauty and minimal form she sets the visual and artistic direction for ASK. ******************************************* LAURA is the Marketing and PR Director of ASK. Laura loves seeing ideas come to life. At ASK her job is to make sure the brand is developing to the right direction. ******************************************* EMILIA is a fashion intern for ASK Scandinavia. She helps with managing our social media platforms as well as creating content for our blog. Emilia enjoys all kinds of creative work, and that combined with her love for the Scandinavian aesthetic and interest in the fashion industry is what made her want to be a part of the ASK team.

Design and Innovation Team

ANETTE is our Designer and Innovative Sustainability Director, who ensures that ASK sources natural and sustainable materials. Having grown up on Gotland, a pristine Baltic island in Sweden continues to inspire her design and always plays a natural part in her work. ***************************************** KATRI has a long career in fashion tech and fashion startups. She focuses on innovations and collaboration at ASK ***************************************** KENNETH plans the growth of ASK