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ASK is an accessory company established in 2017. We make functional bags, backpacks and small accessories with an aim to make the everyday life more organized.

Combining minimalistic Scandinavian design with premium European materials, ASK accessories are designed to last, both in style and quality. All items are produced in a family-owned factory in Bulgaria.

The name ASK is an abbreviation for the creative force behind the brand: Antonia, Sonia and Karoliina. We are a Helsinki and London based trio with an ambition to create practical and honest goods – items that span age, gender and seasons.

The idea of ASK was born when two of us became mothers and could not find a sophisticated changing bag on the market.

We wanted to create a bag that fits the urban mobile lifestyle in an aesthetic that is effortless and androgynous, with a hint of sportiness. A bag that is lightweight and spacious, and mixes well with almost any wardrobe.

Supporting a sustainable approach to design, and life, we sourced our signature material, stitched Italian nylon, that is not only stylish but also easy to care and very forgiving. Soon the first products came to life.

With your chosen ASK item, we hope you will discover a sense of structure combined with ease and comfort. As we have learned on our way, a great bag is one way to keep your world in order.

A n t o n i a

With a passion for everything visually interesting and beautiful, combined with a keen interest for making things work, Antonia finds solutions on how to create products that are practical, proportionate and aesthetically pleasing. She loves good quality materials as they are key to making sustainable and long-lasting products.

S o n j a

Sonja is the Head of Strategy and Growth at ASK. Sonja has a passion for ideas and concepts that create positive impact on society and the environment. Sonja ensures that all the pieces come together at ASK, while making sure ASK grows and develops in the right direction.

K a r o l i i n a

Karoliina is the Creative Director of ASK. As a photographer with a keen eye for beauty and minimal form she sets the visual and artistic direction for ASK.