Choose ASK Scandinavia this holiday season. When you choose ASK's responsibly made bags, accessories and gift cards, you're not only gifting a product your clients and employees will love for a long time, but you're making a difference. Here’s why:

  • Make a positive impact: ASK bags are design-driven while they reduce waste and shrink your environmental footprint.
  • Empower a female-led company: Your choice supports a small, female-led business dedicated to innovative and responsible practices.
  • Embrace sustainability: Showcase your company's commitment to eco-consciousness and waste reduction--aligning with the anti-waste movement.
  • Gift with purpose: Our products offer recipients meaningful, long-lasting items. Gift cards provide flexibility to choose products that align with individual taste.
  • Share stories: Responsible corporate gifting is about storytelling, connecting recipients to the mission behind each gift, leaving a lasting impact, and raising awareness about responsible consumption. 
Discover our innovative responsible products, such as the 1.5 Degrees Lifestyle T-shirt made with recycled natural material, quilted bags and accessories crafted with ECONYL regenerated plastic waste, and a plastic-free bio-leather made using natural rubber – all vegan-friendly ingredients and high-quality craftsmanship.

Choose ASK Scandinavia for your corporate gifting needs, and join the positive change this holiday season. 

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