We promise to be a conscious brand you can trust a brand that acts with environmental responsibility and makes sure our makers are treated with dignity and paid with fair wages. 

Our design goal is to offer you long-lasting high-quality products designed to last the change of times, that will become your go-to’s. 

The magical three that the team behind ASK Scandinavia commit to throughout the journey of creating a modern and responsible brand are Long-living design, Long-lasting quality, Respectful manufacturing.
We choose each material with intention and care so that we produce responsibly made products. 

We improved the designs and materials of the core products in our Classic Collection. Lily, Ella and Mandi are now made with more than 50% recycled materials. We upcycled the outer fabric that was sitting in our warehouse and used 100% recycled Italian Nylon for lining. The straps are 100% recycled polyester and hardware is made in responsible factories that only use renewable energy.

ECONYL® - In 2019 we launched the new OCEAN Collection with ECONYL® fibre which is 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from fishnets collected from the sea and other nylon waste. More about Econyl:

In March 2021 we launched a new exciting collection using DESSERTO®. The PLANT LEATHER Collection is made from cactus that is 100% sustainable and organically grown with rainwater and Earth minerals. All materials are vegan and cruelty-free. 

Our goal is to use only recycled, recyclable, plant-based and upcycled fabrics fabrics by 2022. 

We ship our online orders in 100% biodegradable bags.
 All ASK Scandinavia products are made in a factory in Braga, Northern Portugal. 
Producing within the European Union ensures that strict social and environmental regulations have been met (e.g. labor rights, working conditions, wages, chemical restrictions).

We reduce our impact by the choice of materials in our products, but perhaps most importantly, we aim to only produce what we need to avoid overconsumption and stagnant inventory.

We aim to only produce long-lasting designs.

We prioritize to make conscious choices in our design process.

We strive to offer products made with environmentally responsible materials.

We put a lot of effort into finding local solutions and processes to limit the use of water-consumption, carbon-emissions and strictly avoid the use of hazardous chemicals. 
The quality of our relationships and engagement with ASK Scandinavia’s stakeholders is critical to us. If a partner violates any of our requirements we act directly to find a long-term solution.

The following values are at the very core of our business: 

-Female empowerment
-Diversity & Inclusivity
-Human rights & fair wages and working hours
-Decent working conditions