Introducing our new plant leather collection - made from cactus

Here at ASK Scandinavia, our purpose and promise is to be a conscious brand you can trust, a brand that acts with environmental responsibility. After launching our Ocean Collection, made from fishnets collected from the sea, we set our focus on our biggest challenge yet; sustainable vegan leather. 

We are now proud to present our new plant leather collection made from cactus that is 100% organically grown with rain water and earth minerals. Desserto® is the world's first highly sustainable and environmentally friendly organic material made of Nopal cactus, also known as the prickly pear. This innovation enabled us to design and produce high-quality leather-like bags that are earth-beneficial yet as durable and beautiful as traditional leather. It's a Win-Win. But why cactus?



Not only is cactus a tough and resilient species, adapted to extreme conditions and able to survive in areas where nothing else will grow, it also naturally regenerates soil and it can absorb the water it needs from humidity present in the atmosphere. It takes approximately just 3 leaves of cactus to create one linear meter of Desserto® leather



The founders of Desserto®, López Velarde and Cázarez, came up with the idea after learning about the plastic pollution crisis. They spent two years doing research and development until launching their patented innovation in 2019. Made in Mexico, in the state of Zacatecas, from the mature leaves of the plant without damaging the cactus. There are no herbicides or pesticides used at any stages and the leather is recyclable, doesn't contain any plastic and is partially biodegradable. All materials used throughout the process are vegan and cruelty free. This all sounded pretty impressive to us.

We are now bringing this material alive with a collection that is perfect from desk-to-dinner, sophisticated and sustainable. Most importantly, aligned with our values and purpose of creating products that are designed to last the change of times.



We are currently taking pre-orders with products expected to be delivered in August 2021