At ASK, we create products that align with the long-standing Scandinavian design ethos of making minimalist, functional and long-lasting products. Using environmentally responsible ASK only works with companies who pay fair wages and treat their makers with dignity. 

Embodying our values, we have now launched two bags made from Dessertos’s prickly pear cactus-based innovation of a sustainable plant-based material. 


Plant leather made from cactus? Yes, and here’s why it’s kinder and better:

1. As we experience rising carbon dioxide levels linked to sea level changes, snowmelt, disease, severe weather and ocean acidification at an alarming rate, cactus is a natural carbon sink! 

2. Regenerating the health of the planet’s soil is at the top of the climate agenda, and cactus naturally repairs the soil where it’s grown.

3. With more widespread global drought, USDA-certified organically grown cacti used in our materials requires no irrigation and can grow in severely degraded soil. 

4. Plant leather from cactus is resource friendly, since it uses smart solutions in material processing such as the sun for dehydration of the cactus pads in Mexico.

5. Plant leather from cactus is free of harmful chemicals--helping to reduce the toxic disposal in landfills and oceans.

6. It is created for circularity with fewer environmental impacts in our fight against water contamination, animal cruelty, and climate emergency driving deforestation. 

Now, isn’t that a kinder and better future of the fashion industry and planet?