I had the pleasure to share some thoughts with Finnish artist and creative Luna Pentti about art, sustainability and the inspiration behind her work.

Could you tell us a bit about you as a person and as an artist?

When I first started pursuing art seriously as a career, I visited every exhibition and gallery in Helsinki. I had always created art for myself, but I didn’t find a lot of curiosity in studying the works of other artists. Studying the works of other artists made me realize how essential it is to be familiar with other creatives. Art for me was always something that was done in isolation. It was very personal to me, and I never thought about sharing it with others.


What inspires you in your aesthetics and design process?

We are all part of a collective consciousness, and as an artist, you should always study other creations as a reflection of yourself. What you see in others is also within you. This is how we get inspired. It is not possible for us to consciously perceive something that we are not. You should not look at other people to determine what you should like; instead, use them as a mirror to understand yourself better. It is all intuitive.

I believe that a common mistake made by many creatives and artists is seeking validation or direction from others, leading to imitation or conformity. It is natural for individuals to desire belonging and acceptance within a community or group. However, true artistry and creativity thrive in authenticity. The essence of beauty and innovation lies in being genuine. If you are uncertain about your identity as a creative individual, I suggest practicing in solitude. By doing so, you shield yourself from external influences and allow your unique voice to emerge authentically.

In 2020, I began experiencing severe symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. There were days when I would go without sleep, causing immense distress. However, amidst this challenging situation, I found an opportunity to transform it into something productive. Interestingly, as my insomnia worsened, my creativity surged. I found myself painting more than ever before during that period, reaching new heights in my artistic skills. The state of restlessness and fatigue seemed to unlock a deeper level of creativity within me, tapping into the subconscious regions of my mind. This experience allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of myself than ever before.

I draw significant inspiration from religions, symbolism, and mysticism as they represent the language of the unseen. Art serves the purpose of bringing the invisible into visibility, making the intangible tangible.


Luna Pentti artist ASK Scandinavia


What do you think people should look for in art if they want to be eco-friendly consumers?

When considering an eco-friendly approach to investing in artists and art, the primary focus should be on acquiring pieces that resonate authentically with oneself. The artwork and design chosen should mirror one’s identity and personal narrative. It should be a genuine reflection of the individual, evoking a sense of connection and significance. Many passionate art collectors adhere to this principle, ensuring that the art they acquire aligns with their values and speaks to them on a profound level. Equally important for artists is the knowledge that their creations are appreciated by those who understand and value their artistic expression.

As an artist my objective is to create a personalized experience for my clients by infusing meaning and a narrative into all of my projects. Building a connection with my clients and incorporating their personal stories into the artwork I produce is something that holds great significance to me.

Rather than simply creating a product, I aim to establish an emotional bond and tell a story through my works. This is why I choose to limit the quantity of my creations, as each painting carries its own unique sentiment and undergoes a thoughtful process. In a world dominated by consumerism, my focus is on crafting meaningful pieces that endure over time.

Ultimately, my goal is to create something extraordinary for each and every one of my clients.


Finally, where can our readers find you?

Website: https://lunapentti.com/ Instagram: @lunapentti


Thanks so much Luna.


Portrait by Felix Bardy
Photography by Riitta Sourander