We interviewed Maria Kinnunen, the founder of a sustainable lingerie brand Lovanna.

How did Lovanna Lingerie come to be?

I decided to found Lovanna because I found it difficult to find lingerie which is all beautiful, sustainable and above all, the right size.

Lovanna is my way to self-actualization. With Lovanna I'm able to create beautiful things, boost women's confidence and change the fashion industry to a more sustainable way.


The pillar of the brand is inclusive sizing: did this decision complicate things for you?

Yes it did. Some factories demand big minimum order values for each size so we didn't have so many options with manufacturers.

Inclusive sizing also forces us to source different components than what we would source for a more limited size range. For example narrow shoulder straps can't be used if we want to offer bigger cup sizes.


The design of your pieces is very fresh and simple, and you pay extreme attention to the materials. Do you already have bestseller pieces?

Yes we do. Our bestsellers are Glow bralette and Glow high waisted panty. The minimalistic design and comfort appeals to our Scandinavian customers.


Your instagram feed immediately captures the eye. You decide to showcase the lingerie using models of every shape and size and every detail and color is curated. What message do you try to convey with your brand’s social media presence?

There are many kinds of beauty. Having a classic model body is certainly not the only way to look beautiful. Our wish is that everyone could feel beautiful and confident in their own body no matter the size, possible diseases, skin colour or background.


Words by Mara Bande