Corporate Gifts with a Responsible Approach

At ASK Scandinavia, we believe that corporate gifting should not only leave a lasting impression but also reflect your commitment to sustainability and responsibility. That's why we've taken a step further to introduce innovative materials like MIRUM® and ECONYL® into our thoughtfully designed bags and accessories.

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Why should you let ASK Scandinavia take care of your responsible business gift needs?

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: We are proud to introduce MIRUM® and ECONYL®, cutting-edge sustainable materials that redefine corporate gifting. Our products are not just beautiful; they're also environmentally responsible.

  • Responsibility Matters: Choose ASK Scandinavia, and you're choosing a company that prioritizes ethical and sustainable practices. We're dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and promoting responsible business practices.

  • Personalized Sustainability: Connect with us at, and let's collaborate on creating personalized, sustainable gifting solutions that align with your brand's values.


Elevate Your Corporate Gifting with Sustainable Style

Corporate gifting is an opportunity to make a statement. ASK Scandinavia empowers you to make that statement a sustainable one. Our range of products, crafted with MIRUM® and ECONYL®, showcases both style and responsibility.

MIRUM®: A Responsible Marvel

MIRUM® is a revolutionary material that combines style with environmental responsibility. It's durable, versatile, and reduces waste, making it the perfect choice for sustainable corporate gifting.

ECONYL®: Transforming Waste into Elegance

ECONYL® is a game-changer in sustainable materials. It's made from regenerated nylon waste, demonstrating our commitment to circular fashion and responsible sourcing.


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