If you combine girl power, business, and style, what do you get? 

Well, most likely Pia-Maria and Hanna from Mimmit Sijoittaa, a Finnish blog, and a podcast on personal finances, investing and saving. The duo has managed to raise awareness on these subjects in a very energetic and inspiring way. We adore these girls!

 Firstly, can you introduce yourselves and what you do in a few sentences?

Hanna: Hello hello <3  We are the Mimmit sijoittaa duo, I’m Hanna Tikander, a 25-year-old sales & visual marketing student from Helsinki Finland, and producer, partner and podcast co-host of Mimmit sijoittaa co. 

Pia-Maria: Hi there, my name is Pia-Maria, I’m also 25 years old, currently completing my master's in marketing at Aalto University. I’m the founder, blogger and the other podcast hostess of Mimmit sijoittaa. 

What’s the best piece of advice you would give to friends who work/share a business together?

Once a week, share a bottle of wine, play some good tunes and talk about boys and clothes. No work stuff allowed! 

What’s one essential you always carry in your bag when you’re at work?

Laptop, charger, lip balm (CRUCIAL) and a bottle of water. 

What do you do to rewind at the end of the day?

Pia-Maria: I’d love to say going for a run, but honestly I just watch an episode of Billions on HBO...

Favorite ‘girl bosses’ you follow on social media?

@emilyweiss, @whitney, @lindaliukas, @oprah, @thingtesting and @isabellalowengrip.

Yes, we admire these women too! What’s one thing you wish people did more of?

Shut off their phones and read a good book. And it would be great if people could compliment others more for sure! 

And one thing you have taught each other?

Hanna: Oh my, Pia has taught me so many valuable things! Pretty much everything I know about investing, I’ve learned from her. She has also taught me some good tips on how to develop my skills in studying and working. Pia is the first person I turn into if I’m searching for answers to something I don’t know.  I’m so grateful that 7 out of 10 times she takes the time to explain, the rest of the time I get the answer: KVG. haha. 

Pia-Maria: What I’ve learned from Hanna is definitely presence. I admire Hanna’s way to spread joy to everyone she encounters with. We meet so many new people every week through Mimmit sijoittaa, and Hanna greets every new person with an open mind. I think I have a tendency to always rush on to the next task/meeting/person, so I’ve learned so much about appreciating our weird job from Hanna.

A reason everyone should visit Scandinavia?

It’s beautiful and clean, there are a lot of interesting cities especially for architecture lovers! Finland’s beautiful nature, its millions of lakes and amazing wilderness make it worth a visit. Come, come!

Can you name a personal achievement from this year?

Well, Mimmit sijoittaa was awarded as “Vuoden sijoitusteko 2019”, which we are really proud of! It is a huge achievement for both of us.

One way your brand, Mimmit Sijoittaa, has changed your life?

Mimmit sijoittaa has changed our lives almost completely. A year ago we were both full-time students and today more like full-time entrepreneurs. But above all, we get to do things we couldn’t even have imagined doing even six months ago, like throwing events for hundreds of people, hosting our own podcast, and meeting inspiring and interesting people along the way.

Listen to the Mimmit Sijoittaa podcast here.