ASK Scandinavia revolutionizes classic leather handbags with breakthrough material MIRUM®

ASK Scandinavia launches today a new Bio Leather Collection, made with next-generation plant-based leather MIRUM® - a 100% recyclable and 100% circular bio-material that is remarkably durable and of uncompromising quality. 

Bio Leather Collection features two new products, a handbag and a cardholder, and a remake of the beloved Willow Tote. The industry-shifting collection is designed in Los Angeles and produced outside Florence, Italy.   

MIRUM® made its runway debut at Paris Fashion Week in March 2023. ASK Scandinavia is one of the first brands to use this transformative leather alternative in its new line of classic luxury handbags with a planet-kind twist - a new benchmark and a significant shift for fashion and its future. 

The collection is available now for pre-order to know precisely how much to produce to avoid unnecessary waste.


Introducing Clover Bag

Clover has a curved bottom shape and is closed with a concealed magnetic snap. The interior has a zip pocket sized to fit your phone, cardholder, and keys.

The shoulder strap is long enough to sit comfortably under your arm and is engineered specifically with a narrower top shape to sit better on your shoulder. The main material is MIRUM®


Vegan bio-based sustainable fashion handbag ASK Scandinavia

Introducing Willow Tote 

The beloved Willow Tote is a classic shape reinvented, designed to transition from desk to dinner and day to night and carry all your precious belongings easily by hand or over the shoulder. Complete with an inner slip pocket for the miscellaneous. It is an elegant, sophisticated, practical size and shape for everyday needs. The main material is MIRUM®


Introducing Holly Cardholder

The Holly cardholder is adorn by the ASK logo, and it has been made in Italy. It has one slot for your most used cards on the front, two on the back, plus an internal pocket for bills and receipts. Made with MIRUM®.


ASK Scandinavia sustainable bio-based leather hangbag


MIRUM® is the first available zero plastic leather-alternative 


MIRUM®, the new revolutionary material from Natural Fiber Welding, is a next-generation and low-impact material with a soft touch while offering excellent performance and complying with the most rigorous quality and environmental standards.


In addition to being 100% plastic-free, the plant-based material is all-natural, low-carbon, and recyclable. At the end of its life, MIRUM® can be recycled into new MIRUM® or ground up and safely returned to the earth.

Fashion is a significant contributor to many urgent global issues. As the overconsumption of non-sustainable fashion products has gotten out of hand, the world needs more naturally circular fashion.


We are excited to be the first Nordic brand working with the MIRUM®. The fashion industry has reached a critical moment and it's our responsibility to take action. Since ASK Scandinavia was founded in 2017, we have been committed to moving beyond our reliance on toxic materials that are harmful to both people, animals, and the planet, and we're proud to embrace sustainable practices that create a positive impact”, said Karoliina Bärlund, Founder & Creative Director at ASK Scandinavia.


In addition to the characteristics stated above, MIRUM® produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than synthetic leather-like materials and conventional chrome-tanned leather. According to the first carbon footprint assessment for MIRUM®, the production of the material results in emissions ranging from 0.84 to 2.1 kg CO2e per 1 kg of material. One square meter of MIRUM ® produces roughly the same amount of greenhouse gasses as washing and drying one load of laundry. (NFW 2022) You can read the impressive impact assessment of MIRUM® here.