In the dynamic world of skincare and beauty, MANTLE has carved out a distinctive niche by championing skin health and personal expression. ASK Scandinavia had the pleasure of interviewing Stina Lönnkvist, the visionary co-founder of MANTLE, to delve into the inspirations, innovations, and philosophies that drive this revolutionary brand. In this insightful conversation, Stina shares her journey of creating products that not only promote skin health but also transform the way we perceive beauty. From the meticulous development process of MANTLE's clean and clinical formulas to the brand's empowering narrative that celebrates individuality, this interview offers a deep dive into the heart of MANTLE's mission. Join us as we explore how MANTLE prioritizes sustainability and ethical practices, and get an exclusive peek into upcoming product launches that promise to elevate your skincare routine.


What inspired you to create MANTLE, and how does it align with your vision for skincare and beauty?

To make the best possible products to promote skin health. The name MANTLE is actually a reference to the skin’s acid mantle (a fine film that acts as the first defense against microbes and bacteria). But also: to create impact in the beauty industry. We want to positively transform both our skin and the way we see beauty.

Can you share some insights into the development process behind MANTLE's clean and clinical formulas?
By using the best ingredients in innovative combinations we focus on combating inflammation, strengthening the skin barrier and promoting overall skin health. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and work closely with our test groups and conduct clinical testing. We have our own lab in Sweden and our own in-house formulator.

How does MANTLE differentiate itself in the crowded skincare market, especially in terms of its empowering narrative and celebration of personal expression?

We chose an empowering narrative, and tell customers what the product will give you rather than resorting to the “anti-aging” or “problem skin” narrative. In a world of filters, fillers, and a fear of ageing, we strive to offer another perspective on beauty. Through age-inclusive casting and honest visual language, MANTLE shows that beauty is everywhere.



Could you walk us through the philosophy behind MANTLE's approach to skincare and beauty?

While we don’t believe in spending all our time stressing about our appearance, we do believe that quality matters. With clean + clinical formulas that strengthen the skin barrier, combat inflammation, and promote overall skin health, we aim to make everyone feel good in their skin.

How does MANTLE prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in its production and sourcing processes?

Sustainability is not something we use in marketing - it’s the foundation of everything we do. We choose recyclable packaging, avoid microplastics, source organic ingredients when we can, and develop the products locally here in Sweden.


Can you discuss any upcoming innovations or product launches that MANTLE enthusiasts can look forward to?

MANTLE’s soon launching a triple peptide elasticity-boosting complex: The Smoothing Serum! The Smoothing Serum is a reformulated and renamed version of MANTLE’s popular The Rebound Serum. While the loved base formula remains the same, we’ve added three clinically tested peptides that work in synergy to visibly plump and smooth the skin, stimulate collagen production and drastically increase skin elasticity. Then in the fall 2024, we will launch more products. Hint: it’s from top to toe…

Any inspiring artists, brands, or anything else you would recommend to follow right now?

I’m in awe of everything that Jonathan Anderson does at Loewe - and Jacquemus! Timelessness, quality, smartness, and a sense of humour that turn heads. As a brand, it’s pretty easy to be cool and difficult. It’s harder to be cool and playful. Hats off!




Finally, where can our readers find MANTLE?
Find us on Instagram at @mantle_skin or from our website
Thank you so much Stina for a lovely discussion!