We talked with multidisciplinary artist, photographer and creative director of Sunchase Sanna Saastamoinen about parenthood and career and how to juggle these too, and how important responsibility is in everything we do.

Can you tell us about your experience as a parent? What are the joys and challenges you've encountered?

Being a parent is a blessing and a challenge. And everything at the same time. 22 years ago I almost lost my first born in a birth giving. After I cried on my mother's arms and said that I had been so worried. She said welcome to parenthood, worry as a feeling is something that comes along. And joy and trust and gratitude. As a parent you challenge your way of looking life, you challenge your  thinking constantly, which of course is very good and very healthy. With children you also become very aware of time, how precious each moment is. And at the end what matters really is love. Hugs, tears, laughters, hugs, pancakes you share.  The life you get to share together.


Balancing your career as an artist with parenthood can be challenging, how do you juggle both responsibilities effectively?

Being artist, designer and photographer and parent at the same time is very rewarding. I got my first daughter at the age of 25 years old and my third daughter when I was 38 years old. I have been working with little children at home for past 20 years...you are surrounded by magical worlds and endless cuddles non stop...as well as endless housework tasks and children's homework and scheduling of everything  -which does keep you very grounded...sometimes feels like a air traffic controller "you stay still, you take off now, you can land now.." Some self discipline and organisational skills are certainly needed :).



What are your thoughts on eco-friendliness when it comes to fashion and bags?

Well, I think the state the world, the earth is right now, sustainability and ethical production truly needs to be the base of anything. There should not be any other way to produce anything. If I buy something new, I do not consider anything that is not standing on the sustainable ground. During the covid I did soil advocate studies and I'm totally soil obsessed, soil health truly is our health. There are ways to produce beautiful pieces with respect for the soil and humanity.




Are there any specific messages you hope to communicate or to inspire other parents?

Pancake-therapy in case of emergency-in-home works always. Whatever the situation is, by the time the delicious scent is coming from the oven the crisis is usually solved. Once you all are on the table putting jam on the pancake and sharing conversation the tone is usually already quite joyful.