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00100 Helsinki


Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Stephanie Seege


Can you introduce yourself with a few sentences?

I’m Stephanie, born in Finland and now live and work in London. In 2013 I founded Helpings, which aims to help people help themselves though recipes, articles and online courses. Last year I teamed up with another Finnish entrepreneur and we’re about to launch the first chocolate in the world that is only sweetened with figs and coconut milk.

What brand or website do you find inspiring and why?

The Drum (thedrum.com). I love all things marketing and this website is in its own league in terms of delivering interesting articles and hands on help for people like me who mainly communicate online for work.

What do you dream of right now?

Tasting the final chocolate samples that my business partner is heading over with as I’m writing this. There are also six flavour combinations that we need to choose three from, I love my job! Also dreaming of getting rid of the shoulder pain I’ve had for two days now. I’m lying on the couch barely able to move. Just came home from acupuncture and was brutally reminded of the fact that it’s easy to forget how incredible our bodies are – until something starts to hurt.

What do you wish people would do more of?

Relax. I’m talking to myself as well.

What place do you want to visit and why?

The Galapagos Islands to go scuba diving and experience the incredible wildlife.

Do you have a yearly tradition that you are fond of?

Oh I have so many, I think traditions are comforting. One of them is going on a trip to Italy or Greece every May/June for about a week with my best friend. We do yoga, read books, talk and enjoy amazing food. It’s definitely a highlight of each year.

What annoys you?

Things that are claimed to be ‘scientifically proven’. What does that even mean? We’re bombarded by confusing messages about what is good or bad for us, how we should live and lots of opinions in general, yet very little of it is valid.

Any book, movie, exhibition, magazine or restaurant recommendation?

A book: The Diet Myth by Tim Spector. He critically examines his own work, diets and the way we use science in a really refreshing way. I learned so much.