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00100 Helsinki


Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Petra Koivisto


Can you introduce yourself with a sentence or two?

I’m an illustration agent by day and sometimes night, depending on which time zone I’m working with. I’ve also had a fashion blog for past 8 years and have been a Contributing Fashion Editor for a Finnish online platform called Lily Edit since its launch in Oct 2015. 

I have an amazing daughter, Isla, who’s turning 4 in a couple months and an equally amazing partner, Jarno. We live in Helsinki, Finland.

How do you disconnect in a digital world?

This is a real guilty conscience question for me! I have a really hard time not being online, as my work and hobbies are all online… It’s easiest to forget about the digital world when playing outside, so I’ve tried to do this more and more. It’s easier for me to focus when I’m not inside the house.

What is a fun way of spending time together with the family?

I love trying to make things fun and a bit more special whatever it is we’re doing. I just love that. It seems the key to having fun together is to have enough time, be prepared to change your own original plan and just try to enjoy whatever it is your doing - be it grocery shopping, going for a getaway or cleaning the house. It’s not always possible but I like to aim for it whenever possible.

As a parent what is your favourite indulgence?

Me-time! A couple hours or an evening every now and then when you’re not needed by anyone and are free to do whatever your heart desires.

A good piece of advice that you have kept in mind?

“A child is happy when the parents are happy”, as in make an effort to take care of your own well-being.

How did parenthood change your life?

The biggest change has been the limited freedom. When you have a baby you’re suddenly needed, around the clock. I didn’t realise how draining it would be for me personally until after a while. I love freedom and me and my partners relationship has always been quite free - we’ve both enjoyed doing things by ourselves and are the type of people who need that. 

I’m lucky to have a partner who wants to be equally available and sharing parenting is a saver of my mental health.

What is the best thing about being a parent?

Having a mother-child relationship, seeing the father-child relationship, understanding the family dynamics and your family history a bit better through your own family. 

How do you manage to balance your life between family, work and everything else?

Whew, I have no idea. By having an amazing partner and planning things well.