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Anton Sucksdorff


Can you introduce yourself with a few sentences?

Hello! My name is Anton Sucksdorff. I am a Helsinki based photographer. I live here with my wife Natalie, our son Alfie and dog Wilma.

How do you disconnect in a digital world?

It can be very hard sometimes. You just have to do it. Unfortunately it does not happen by itself.

Is there a useful product, service or website that makes your life with kids easier?

YouTube. I hate to admit it though.

What kids related brand do you appreciate?

Ella's kitchen. You can so easily slide those pouches anywhere.

What do you wish people would do more of?

Be polite.

What place do you want to visit and why?

In addition to space I would love to visit Montreal. I have never been there but heard so much great stuff about it.

Funny family moment?

With a four year old they seem to occur all the time. My favourite at the moment must be all the bizarre (nature related) questions that I have no answers to.

What annoys you?

When people are late.

A good piece of advice that you have kept in mind?

No guts no glory.

What has been a popular kids book in your family?

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr.

What does your ASK bag contain?

Unfortunately we do not have one yet but once we do I am pretty sure there will be a plastic killer whale in it.

What is the best thing about being a parent?

The laughter and love you experience on a daily basis.