Väinämöisenkatu 21 B 27

00100 Helsinki


Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Boris Nordin


Can you introduce yourself with a few sentences?

My Name is Boris Nordin. I’m a multitasking freelancer working mainly in music production and performance, acting and film production and some occasional modeling. I live with my fiancée, our two kids and a poodle.

How do you disconnect in a digital world?

I get out there! Luckily in Helsinki you can get away from the city’s rat race fairly easy. Whether a run in the central park or a walk by the sea, the most efficient escape for me is connecting with nature.

What is a fun way of spending time together with the family?

My kids are very active so sports are something they can channel their vast energy resources in. Swimming and tennis are something the whole family can do together. I also love taking them to concerts and performances where I can enjoy their reactions and discuss their observations later on.

As a parent what is your favourite indulgence?

Kids sleeping, a glass of wine, record spinning on a turntable, a moment to just exist, nothing more.

A favourite party moment?

Last summer in Barcelona. After a couple of days of relaxation (kids with their grandparents) we hit the nightclubs and found the tiniest techno-den ever. Stuffed with sweaty dancing people, a great sound system and lots of smiles.

What has been a popular kids book in your family?

The classics seem to work generation after generation. The Moomins for example rule eternally.

What does your ASK bag contain?

A couple of diapers and some clothes for the young one; water and some little snacks to control the blood sugar levels (for kids and parents equally); mini first-aid kit and a highly important collection of sticks and stones to be guarded over.

How do you manage to balance your life between family, work and everything else?

That I would love to know!